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Default Re: Noctowl vs Ether's Bane


[Snap] sandile (f) <Moxie>
Health 36%, Energy 69%, substitute (15%).
Condition: actually still pointing and laughing, except no pointing because nothing to point with.
Commands: Protect ~ Mud-Slap ~ Mud-Slap


[Kallamehr] klefki (m) <Prankster> @ Lucky Egg
Health 59%, Energy 64%, +2 attack, severely confused (2 actions to moderate).
Condition: faceplanted into a tree, how nice.
Commands: Attract ~ Play Rough / Protect ~ Play Rough / Protect / Toxic

Round 4

The trainers issue commands again for the new round, eager to get going—but this time, the ref is abruptly seized by a swarm of bees leaving a note "SORRY, POLITICS" for the confused battlers. No matter, though, right, since the ref’s baton is still here?

The battlers are ready, and the pokémon are ready, and they agree to get on with it. Snap is already prepared with another protective barrier, and eyes the klefki, watching for any sign of attack but … nothing comes? Kallamehr doesn’t seem to be even trying to attack, he’s just kind of mumbling incoherently: ―Love is an abomination, the institution of marriage should be mandatory between all individuals!―to the slight chagrin of his trainer.


It takes a little while, but after a bit of "what the hell are you talking about" and "okay alright could you just snap to it and get down to business", Kallamehr fills himself again with fairy energy tinged with playfulness, and charges again in the direction of the sandile.

He misses again, to Snap’s amusement, and whooshes past, discharging an uncomfortable but ultimately inconsequential burst of that fairy energy a few centimeters from Snap’s face. All the better for Snap, then, who slaps a pile of mud into his face.

As the klefki passes by again—perhaps turning back to move closer to his trainer in anticipation of the next round?—Snap takes the opportunity slap more mud into his face.

As this point, Kallamehr can barely see, but, well, no matter. He’s fairly confident that the blob of poison he tried to drop on the sandile reached its mark, and it should be setting in soon.


[Snap] sandile (f) <Moxie>
Health 35%, Energy 65%, severely poisoned (1% this round).
Condition: a tad ill.
Executed: Protect ~ Mud-Slap ~ Mud-Slap


[Kallamehr] klefki (m) <Prankster> @ Lucky Egg
Health 47%, Energy 53%, +2 attack, -2 accuracy, lightly confused (3 actions left)
Condition: definitely tired and emotional.
Executed: Confused ~ Play Rough (miss) ~ Toxic

  • order: klefki (75), sandile (65)
  • action 1 confusion problems
  • I am mildly distracted so I might have missed more things than usual, hopefully not
  • Noctowl to command, then Effercon.
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