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Default How do we get new people to join ASB?

Okay, so in the few months following ASB's miraculous revival (props to Zhorken* again no we won't say it enough) the forum was bustling with activities, lots of battles were battled, and everyone was pretty excited. I've noticed a good decrease in activities however, as people got bored of it, left without reason, or had too much on their hands elsewhere. Of course, there is no questioning their motives, but it would be nice to bring the new ASB back to its early days, and make all the efforts that were put into it worthwhile.

So how do we get more people to join? Promoting the league to each new forum member seems like commonplace now, and it's great, but I feel it would be nice to make some promotion elsewhere, too. I remember I joined ASB when Smogon actually started ASB and I was like what the heck is that and they gave this league as an example, and I thought it was the prettiest league, with good functioning and base concepts, like creativity in writing and battling.

Now the league is at its peak in terms of quality, I think. So why don't we get more people to play? Not enough visibility, in my sense.

Do you think the league actually needs more players, and if so, how do we get them to play / make them discover TCoD ASB?

*I guess it would be fair to thank Eifie, MF, pathos, Omski, Totodile, pathos, uv and Negrek as well for once
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