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Default Re: How do we get new people to join ASB?

In the short term, it should stay as is. In the long run, though, we're gonna need more.

Right now, the refs have quite a bit on their plates, and the battles are piling up (check out the Challenge Board), so it wouldn't be a good idea to go around advertising if they can't take care of the battles.

In a while, though, the majority of Asberians will graduate college and have job-ly things to worry about, so we will need more people to keep this awesome league alive.

As for visibility, maybe engage in some projects with other Leagues that promise transfers of a few Pokemon from their league or some such along with the usual stipend of starter money. Of course, they won't be able to transfer, say, their Charizard and Pidgeot, but maybe a Charmeleon and a Pidgey.



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