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Default Re: Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon

Originally Posted by Negrek View Post
Sooo, now that the lucky among you are going to be getting the game in a few hours' time (or perhaps already have the game, if you found a less-than-legal download), what are your plans? Have you got your team all worked out yet, or are you planning to make something up as you go along? Want to use a bunch of new pokémon, or take advantage of all the older goodies they stuffed into the Alola 'dex? (Seriously, we have HOW many fossils and pseudo-legendaries??)

I'm not going to get my copy until Saturday, since I hemmed and hawed over preordering for so long that it eventually became moot, so I'll go in for my free card and poster instead.

As usual I want to make a team with as many new 'mons as possible. This is what I'm looking at:

(Midday) Lycanroc

Golisopod's spot is kind of a free space. I like the design quite a bit, but I might end up going with silvally there instead, depending on how/when we end up getting ahold of it in-game. Drampa's another possibility, if I can get a trade for it in a reasonable amount of time. Vikavolt's another possibility, and something that I imagine's going to be in my party all throughout the early game at least.

And then, of course, there's my one concession to past generations... The most fabulous of all Alola forms... Indeed, probably the most fabulous of all pokémon...

All in all I think this looks like a fun, balanced team to play. It's unfortunate that Spoopy Sandcastle and Fantastic Hair overlap types, but Spoopy Sandcastle and Fantastic Hair are kind of the most important members of the team, so nothing I can really do about that.
Speaking of which, here's a handy team planner with all the Alolan Dex 'mons.

Anyway, my team thus far is
Alolan Golem

(I have no idea what to put here- new 'mons, old 'mons, Alolan 'mons- because there are just way too many great pokemon to pick from. I'm thinking MAYBE Toxapex and Pink Oricorio for balance, but I'm definitely open to suggestions!)
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