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Default Re: Calvinball 2019: The Days Are Just Packed

Final Votes

Hiikaru (3): qva (#129), RedneckPhoenix (#184), Panini (#254)
RedneckPhoenix (2): Eifie (#188), Hiikaru (#200)
Not voting: Stryke

With a growing sense of urgency, the townspeople argue at some length about who they should eliminate for the day. The mysteriously revived woman? One of the quieter ones? God forbid, is there a clown in their midst?

In the end, Hiikaru is led away under accusations of illicit behavior, despite his protests. The villagers discover that he is, indeed, guilty.

Hiikaru was lynched. He was Calvin, Mafia.

The sun sets, and the citizens return to their homes, satisfied after another long day of crimefighting. Perhaps now that they've rid their village of so many affiliated with these heinous crimes, Calvinball2019town will be at peace.

Will it?

At twilight, an explosion rocks the town. Three bodies are found.

qva has died. She was Calvin's Mom, Mafia.

RedneckPhoenix has died. He was Spaceman Spiff, Mafia.

Panini has died. She was Rosalyn, Mafia.

qva and Panini win the dodgeball event as the last people standing.

And then there were two.

It is now Night 3, proposal phase. 48 hours for night actions.
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