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Originally Posted by Metallica Fanboy View Post
It's worth considering that 5+ in a single action is more than anything can provide at once except for Shell Smash (and there's a difference between spending 3 actions raising your stats, vs. raising them all in 1 action and having the other 2 free to start the assault with -- or even, to keep increasing stats with, since the Mega Evolution boosts won't contribute towards ramming the max stages).
I agree; and none of these have any stat decreases as drawbacks (except for speed), so it seems fine to me. Although I'm kind of wondering about the speed decreases: what's the need for them when the Pokémon's base speed decreases by mega evolving anyway?

I don't really care about the energy cost. Would it be possible to release mega stones and see how things go before deciding if mega evolution should not take an action? Not having to take an action to mega evolve would be a nice perk, but I'm kind of worried that it could make commanding first against a Pokémon that can mega evolve a pretty huge pain.

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