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Default Re: Video Game "To-Do" List

Originally Posted by Flora View Post
Games I Do Own But Should Finish:
Doooo it! So great :D

I'm pretty proud of myself - most of the games I have, I've finished. I always like knowing that I've finished one game before I start a new one. There are just a few that I haven't completed, and I think the list goes something like this:

-Lost Magic (Nintendo DS)
-Final Fantasy I & II (GBA) (I kinda bought this wanting to get into the FF series, and figured I'd start with the first one because I like order, but I'm feeling like I should have started with another game...)

...That might actually be it. There's probably a few more that I'm forgetting about. I have a number of point-and-click adventure computer games that I haven't finished or started, but that's a whole different genre.

As far as games I'd like to find/start:

-Soul Silver
-Black 2 or White 2 I haven't actually played any mainstream games since Emerald and I'm kinda sad about that!
-Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
-Fire Emblem
-Golden Sun
-Lots of other things that seem popular
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