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Default Re: Mawile vs sreservoir

Mawile (Ɵ)

Lyra (F) <Serene Grace>
Health: 64% | Energy: 15%
Status: really wants a nice nap. -1 Attack, -2 Sp. Defense.
Metronome ~ Metronome ~ Metronome

sreservoir (Ɵ)

Star (F) <Magic Guard>
Health: 45% | Energy: 45%
Status: "I'm catching up!". Poisoned. Guarded by Reflect (4 more actions; 1% upkeep per action). -1 Attack, -2 Sp. Defense.
Metronome ~ Metronome ~ Metronome

Lyra's exhaustion is really beginning to show; the Togepi can barely lift her arms, and when she finally gets them upright she doesn't so much wave them as just let them flop from side to side. It does the trick, though, causing the familiar rhythmic ticking she tries her best to keep in time with. She suddenly feels compelled to sing along to the tune, but in her weakened state, she can only manage to faintly mutter it. The barely audible melody fails to have any effect on Star, who starts a less laboured Metronome, her hands generating an ethereal multicoloured glow. She points her glowing appendage at Lyra and shoots off a rainbow-coloured beam. It connects with the Togepi in a bright white flash, engulfing her momentarily before suddenly petering out. Lyra emerges from the blast dazed and disoriented, but soon catches her bearings.

Again, Lyra forces herself to raise her arms, despite her mounting exhaustion and slight befuddlement, and gets to work on calling another attack. As she sways to and fro, a purplish glow surrounds her opponent, who is gradually lifted off the ground. Star thrashes and struggles to no avail, until she comes to about twenty feet from the surface of the boat, when the glow suddenly vanishes and she is sent plummeting to the floor. She crashes into the boat with a squeak, laying still for a moment before slowly climbing to her feet. Rubbing her bruises, she waggles one arm in the air, and suddenly her mouth swings open and unleashes a burst of flames that project right across the boat towards Lyra. The trainers and referee secure their life jackets and prepare to evacuate the boat when it inevitably catches light while Lyra is swallowed up in the flames.

When the fiery onslaught ceases, it seems as though the battle is over (though luckily not because the arena caught light). Lyra lies prone on her side of the field, beaten, burnt, worn out, and showing no signs of getting up. The referee is just preparing to blow his whistle when the Togepi stirs, slowly and painfully forcing herself to her feet, determined to let off just one more attack before she collapses. Her eyelids flicker uncontrollably, her every muscle screaming for rest, but she manages to get her arms up and give them one or two shakes before her body goes limp and slams to the ground. From the air in front of her, a sticky strand of silk magically conjures itself and flies over to Star, wrapping around her tightly and restricting her movement. But none of that matters now, as the referee blows his whistle loudly - but not loudly enough to wake Lyra from her comatose slumber - and disqualifies the unconscious Togepi, leaving sreservoir the winner! Star returns to her erstwhiler form, and both sides recall their Pokémon and walk to the middle of the boat to exchange handshakes, congratulations and commiserations, while the referee starts figuring out how to row this massive thing back to Asber.

Mawile (Ɵ)

Lyra (F) <Serene Grace>
Health: 45% | Energy: 0%
Status: knocked out!
Sing ~ Psychic ~ String Shot

sreservoir (Ɵ)
Star (F) <Magic Guard>
Health: 33% | Energy: 27%
Status: "Victory by default! My favourite kind!". Poisoned. Guarded by Reflect (1 more action; 1% upkeep per action). -1 Attack, -2 Sp. Defense, -1 Speed.
Psybeam ~ Flamethrower ~ Shock Wave

~ Lyra rolled Sing, Psychic and String Shot.
~ Star rolled Psybeam, Flamethrower and Shock Wave.
~ Sing missed.
~ see, this is why you have infinite energy in Metronome battles D:

The match is over, and sreservoir is the winner! It gets $8, I get $5, and Mawile gets $3. In addition, Star gets 2 experience and 2 happiness points, while Lyra gets 1 experience and 1 happiness point.