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Default Re: Eifie vs Keldeo vs TruetoCheese vs JackPK

Round 9

Eifie (O)
Okuni – Ninetales (♂) @ Lucky Egg
Health: 46%
Energy: 53%
Ability: Flash Fire
Type: Fire
Condition: Confident enough.
Status: Normal.
Commands: Foul Play @ Lily / Sheena x3

Keldeo (O)
Lily – Entei (♀)
Health: 10%
Energy: 79%
Ability: Pressure
Type: Fire
Condition: Exhausted, but ready to go down fighting.
Status: Attack +2.
Commands: Detect ~ Double Team + one-action Giga Impact @ Okuni ~ nothing

JackPK (O)
Sheena – Woobat (♀) @ Lucky Egg
Health: 44%
Energy: 68%
Ability: Klutz
Type: Psychic / Flying
Condition: Trying to maintain control amidst the weather.
Status: Attack +1.
Commands: Torment @ Okuni ~ Super Fang @ Okuni / Swagger @ Okuni ~ Uproar

Knowing she’s on her last legs in this fight, Lily decides to make the most of the time she has left. Her first action is to hunker down and raise her awareness of her surroundings, giving her an almost clairvoyant view of the state of the battlefield and of her opponent’s actions. It’s just as well, because Okuni is aggressively charging towards her, trying to bait her into attacking herself. Lily remains stalwart, taking a step here and a step there to stay out of Okuni’s area of effect.

Sheena almost laughs at the display, only managing to hold herself back when she remembers what happened the last time she got overconfident. But she can’t just let it go; instead, she decides to tease constructively, letting out a cackle to the effect of “That’s not gonna work against a legendary pokmon, dipshit, you should probably try something else”. With some effort, the Woobat flutters against the wind to hover in the air in the most aggravating place she can think of for Okuni.

As it turns out, the tactic is effective. Okuni’s irritation rises, but he’s a stubborn pokmon, and the tactic he was using is clearly the best; the only thing holding him back was his opponent’s evasive maneuvers, and he knew that Lily would only be able to hold out for so long. But the Torment sticks in the back of his mind, no matter how much he tries to reason with it, and his next attempt to bait Lily into attacking herself is an utter failure. As it becomes evident, Okuni anxiously begins to flail around, doing his utmost to achieve at least something productive.

And he is successful; though his struggle is wild enough to cause some wear and tear on his own body, the Ninetales does batter Lily a bit. But Lily has a countermeasure already prepared. She gives a roar befitting of the legendary pokmon Entei, and breaks into a sprint around Lily, creating an array of clones as she does so. The six Enteis surround Okuni, and though in the back of his mind the Ninetales knows that the weather is going to make them disappear momentarily, they last for just long enough to confuse him. Before he can figure out which one is real, Sheena swoops down, adorable little fangs bared and ready to chomp into him. A split-second reaction barely allows Lily to duck out of the Woobat’s way, but it gives him no time to try to do the same towards Lily’s attack. The Enteis all begin to charge, converging upon Okuni with their strongest attack. In the end, it’s the one right in front of the pokmon that’s real, sending Okuni sprawling on the ground; and with that last-ditch effort, Lily’s clones disappear as Lily collapses to the ground, unable to take any more.

As the beam of a pok ball spears through the weather to recall Lily, Okuni and Sheena begin to glow once again; the former shrinking and the latter growing, and getting feet again. When the glows fade, Okuni is able to make use of his lower weight to push himself to his feet. But his opponent stands taller than him, and her type advantage will give her the upper hand. Combined with how battered he feels, it’ll be an uphill battle; but he’s ready to trust in his trainer...right?

End of Round 9

Eifie (O)
Okuni – Minun (♂) @ Lucky Egg
Health: 19%
Energy: 45%
Ability: Minus
Type: Electric
Condition: Weary but determined.
Status: Tormented (4 more actions).
Actions: Foul Play @ Lily ~ Struggle @ Lily

Keldeo ()
Lily – Entei (♀)
Health: 0%
Energy: 58%
Ability: Pressure
Type: Fire
Condition: Unconscious.
Status: Knocked Out!
Actions: Detect ~ Double Team + Giga Impact

JackPK (O)
Sheena – Tsareena (♀) @ Lucky Egg
Health: 38%
Energy: 62%
Ability: Queenly Majesty
Type: Grass
Condition: Nervously confident in her ability to win.
Status: Attack +1.
Actions: Torment @ Okuni ~ Super Fang @ Okuni (Missed)

Arena Notes
~A Lucky Egg is being blown around on the floor near where Lily used to be.

Referee Notes
~Super Fang missed. If it had hit, the weather would have knocked out Okuni at the end of the action and I wouldn’t have had to write any more rounds of this (lol)
~Gen 7 is here now, even if it wasn’t when this battle started, so I say Tsareena is fair game. Sheena’s name is pretty appropriate for it, as well.
~And then there were two. Lily passed out from weather damage at the end of the second action. Since Okuni got the last hit, I’m awarding him the KO. GG Keldeo, better luck next time. Enjoyed having you.
~~KO Count: Bambi: 1, Sonya: 1, Jupiter: 2, >>(⌒o⌒)<<: 1, The Fuzz: 1, Lily: 1, Okuni: 1

Next Round
~JackPK commands first.
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