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Default Re: Eifie vs Keldeo vs TruetoCheese vs JackPK

Round 10

Eifie (ŘŘO)
Okuni – Minun (♂) @ Lucky Egg
Health: 19%
Energy: 45%
Ability: Minus
Type: Electric
Condition: Weary but determined.
Status: Tormented (4 more actions).
Commands: Nuzzle ~ Headbutt ~ Headbutt

JackPK (ŘŘO)
Sheena – Tsareena (♀) @ Lucky Egg
Health: 38%
Energy: 62%
Ability: Queenly Majesty
Type: Grass
Condition: Nervously confident in her ability to win.
Status: Attack +1.
Commands: Power Whip / one-action Solar Beam / Laser Focus x3

Okuni is tired, indeed, but he's not going to go down without a fight. Using a capability only open to him as an electric rodent pokémon, he cloaks his body in static electricity and rushes towards Sheena. The Tsareena is cautious, backing away and adopting a defensive position in an attempt to block an attack, but instead Okuni simply nuzzles the Grass pokémon with her cheeks. Electricity courses through Sheena, and as her muscles begin to stiffen it becomes very evident that she's made a bit of a mistake in letting this happen.

But Sheena's saving grace is that she's able to end the battle before the paralysis really has any chance to set in. Her foe so nearby, she faces almost no risk of missing as she whips her hair at Okuni as powerfully as she can. The attack strikes true, catching Okuni off guard, and flinging the Minun across the room to slam into the wall. Okuni collapses, and doesn't get back up. A few seconds pass, Sheena trying to resist the weather as she kneels down to try and control the paralysis, and the referee waves a flag to declare the battle over. With no further hesitation, the pokémon are recalled into their poké balls, and everyone leaves the Pokémon Cable Club. No sooner have they left then they hear the grinding sound of the floor rising up to the FRICKIN ROOF. Thank goodness they got out when they did.

End of Round 10

Eifie (ŘŘŘ)
Okuni – Minun (♂) @ Lucky Egg
Health: 0%
Energy: 44%
Ability: Minus
Type: Electric
Condition: Unconscious.
Status: Knocked Out!
Actions: Nuzzle

JackPK (ŘŘO)
Sheena – Tsareena (♀) @ Lucky Egg
Health: 36%
Energy: 52%
Ability: Queenly Majesty
Type: Grass
Condition: Not exactly feeling great, but victorious nonetheless.
Status: Attack +1. Severely paralyzed (2 more actions).
Actions: Power Whip (Crit)

Referee Notes
~Power Whip scored a critical hit. If it hadn't been, Okuni might have survived into Action 2 depending on how much power the paralysis docked from the attack, but this was overkill enough to guarantee a one-action KO.
~Well done, y'all. I really did enjoy reffing this, clusterfuck that it was. Thanks for sticking through it all this time and being patient for the two years it took for round 7 to get out. I am glad we were able to finish it before the new semester starts and deprives me of any free time I'll have.
~The database shall do its job and distribute the rewards.
~~KO Count: Bambi: 1, Sonya: 1, Jupiter: 2, >>(⌒o⌒)<<: 1, The Fuzz: 1, Lily: 1, Okuni: 1, Sheena: 1

Action Log

Speed Order: Okuni (95) > Sheena (72)
Action 1
~Okuni uses Nuzzle on Sheena, dealing (2*1.25*0.66)=2% damage to Sheena, for 2% energy
~Sheena is Severely Paralyzed
~Okuni is tormented for 3 more actions.
~Sheena uses Power Whip on Okuni, getting a Critical Hit, dealing (12*1.25*1.16)+6=23.4 damage to Okuni for 7*1.5=10% energy
~Okuni is KO'ed
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