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Default Re: Miscellaneous game mechanics thread

Originally Posted by blazheirio889 View Post
I've seen Roar reffed as not-exactly-negative priority, in that it usually disrupts the opponent on the action it's used (iirc it's described as the opponent starting an attack and the Roarer disrupting it?). If we wanna keep the negative priority then we can say it makes the opponent more skittish the next action? Definitely not 3, though, that's far too powerful.
Hmmmm. What about two actions? Three does seem a little long, but only preventing one action basically just makes it a weird, less useful Protect. (Plus I just think it's a really cute idea, and definitely more interesting than some vague "startles the opponent".)

Originally Posted by Keldeo View Post
Some small stuff: Poison Fang has a 50%, not 30%, chance to badly poison, Imprison's summary says "target" where it should (based on the description) say "user", I think, and Sand Stream/Drought/Drizzle/Snow Warning's descriptions still say they last indefinitely.
Thanks! I've fixed the first two, though I'm leaving the weather abilities alone for now; iirc weather duration is another thing we wanted to hammer down, and would probably merit its own thread.
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