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I took a look at this before I joined, and it looked cool. I wasn't expecting it to reopen this quickly.
Anyways, since there don't seem to be any open challenges, here's one for my first battle.
Format: 2vs2 single
Style: Set
DQ: One week
Damage Cap: 35%
Banned/Restricted Moves: OHKOs
Arena Description: A Flat, Grassy Expanse
The arena is a grassy plain, with little variation in height. If a person weren't paying attention, they might describe it as sunny, but, despite the brightness, there aren't actually any celestial bodies visible in the sky. The grass waves slightly, despite there not being any noticeable wind. Trampled grass, or any alterations made to the battlefield, will correct themselves once nobody's looking at them. It doesn't seem to have any borders. How the battlers got there is a small mystery.
Flying pokemon are advised not to go higher than about one and a third kilometers above the ground. The battling pokemon are also advised not to get so far away from each other that they're out each out of the other's sight range, although visual obstruction shouldn't cause problems.
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