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Oh my god I thought this day might never come. Come at me, world!

Format: 3v3 singles
Style: Set
DQ: 7 days
Damage Cap: 25%
Banned/Restricted Moves: OHKOs, direct heals
Arena Description: Inside the Magic Typewriter

It was a dark, stormy night...

The inner workings of the giant, omnipotent magic typewriter are yours to destroy battle in. For those refs/battlers who aren't familiar with how a typewriter works, neither am I what's important is that when the letters are hit, metal blocks with letter-shaped engravings fly up on poles and smack a black ink ribbon. There's a platform within that's of an arbitrary size; it's big enough for the battlers and it's big enough that there's no danger of falling off. There's enough room for any sort of movement, but there's no water, and there's no earth, so no digging. Just a platform for standing.

At the end of the round, a sentence is typed into the typewriter. The typewriter, being magic, will then warp reality for the next round. This warp is up to the referee after the first round, and the effects disappear at the end of the round. The warp must also be impartial, and affect both battlers equally. When the sentence is entered, the letters go flying, so at the end of the round, each Pokemon has a 10% chance (25% if they have not moved from the spot they began the round in) of being smacked with a metal letter and pressed into the ink ribbon; this will cause 3% damage and cover the Pokemon in black ink for the next round, raising evasion by 1 and lowering accuracy by 1 (unless the Pokemon has no eyes/is blind). This ink can be washed off with water, but will also fade at the end of the next round.

The first round begins with the classic "It was a dark, stormy night..." which causes the first round of the battle to have rainy weather.

Profile link: Here

Edit: because a third party arena effect was a late-night idea and is completely unnecessary since the ref can do it.

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