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Default Re: [ASB Quest] I liek Squirtles vs Blastoise

The poké ball I liek Squirtles chooses to replace birth flies through the air, impacting one of the rocks littering the arena and bursting open in a wash of white light that soon coalesces into a massive sea dragon. Mr. Gassatoo towers over its opponent, and lets out a harsh roar; even the hardened Blastoise cannot help feeling a bit intimidated. It'll have to play this carefully, for sure.

Round Nine

I liek Squirtles (1/2 left)
Mr. Gassatoo
Ability: Intimidate
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: Already enraged.

Blastoise ♀ @ Water Stone
Ability: Rain Dish Insomnia
Health: 75%
Energy: 52%
Status: Ready for the next challenger. Surrounded by Aqua Ring (1% health/action). 1 Chill left. +2 Defense. -1 Attack.


Mr. Gassatoo's first action is, more sensibly than one would expect from a Gyarados, to expend a portion of its energy to manipulate a portion of the surrounding water into the shape of a fairly large doll, which seems to be somewhat sentient. The sea monster doesn't expect the Substitute to hold for long, but it'll at least give it an idea what its opponent is capable of.

Which is something Blastoise is equally ready to show. Without missing a beat, Blastoise summons the sea around itself, and begins to propel forward atop a steadily-rising wave. Just at the wave's crest, Mr. Gassatoo's young Substitute crashes into Blastoise, disrupting the turtle pokémon's concentration and dissipating the Surf attack; but at the cost of its own life. Just as it came to be, the Substitute returns to the water around itself.

An assessment made, Mr. Gassatoo is now ready to begin the fight in earnest. Using powers that it perhaps ought not have – they're a bit dangerous for it, but helpful right now – the sea dragon pokémon begins to crackle all over with static electricity, and after a brief period of charging discharges all of it in a single strong Thunderbolt towards its opponent. Blastoise, having just recovered from the Substitute's rebuffal of its attack, grunts with effort as it takes the attack head-on; but just as the attack ends, the turtle pokémon begins to shimmer like a mirror. And just like that, a simulacrum of the same Thunderbolt returns the way the original one came, striking true and making Mr. Gassatoo roar in very real pain.

The nerve of his opponent! Now, Mr. Gassatoo is angry – really angry. The Gyarados thinks of everything it can do, and determines that another Thunderbolt is the way it can cause the most pain to Blastoise in the shortest amount of time. And so, body crackling with electricity, Mr. Gassatoo uses the attack again. Once more, Blastoise takes the attack like a champ; but this time, it seems more perceptive. Thunderbolt isn't an attack water-types can normally use, but by studying a bit, the turtle pokémon reasons that perhaps it could replicate the attack itself. Despite the pain it's still in from the electric attack, Blastoise grins to itself – for, its opponent is in for a bad time, in the near future.


I liek Squirtles (1/2 left)
Mr. Gassatoo
Ability: Intimidate
Health: 64%
Energy: 85%
Status: Already enraged.
Used: Substitute (10%) ~ Thunderbolt ~ Thunderbolt

Blastoise ♀ @ Water Stone
Ability: Rain Dish Insomnia
Health: 52%
Energy: 35%
Status: Getting excited, but tiring. Surrounded by Aqua Ring (1% health/action). 1 Chill left. Thunderbolt Mimicked. +2 Defense. -1 Attack.
Used: Surf ~ Mirror Coat ~ Mimic (Thunderbolt)

Arena Status
  • The rain is pouring down. A harsh wind howls through the arena.

Damage and Energy
  • Mr. Gassatoo's Health: 100% - 10% (Substitute) - 26% (Mirror Coat) = 64%
  • Mr. Gassatoo's Substitute's health: 10% - 12% (Surf) = 0%
  • Mr. Gassatoo's Energy: 100% - 5% (Substitute) - 5% (Thunderbolt) - 5% (Thunderbolt) = 85%
  • Blastoise's Health: 75% - 13% (Thunderbolt) - 13% (Thunderbolt) + 3 (Aqua Ring) = 52%
  • Blastoise's Energy: 52% - 3% (Surf) - 13% (Mirror Coat) - 1% (Mimic) = 35%

  • Speed order: Mr. Gassatoo (81) > Blastoise (78). Since these pokémon are so close in speed to each other, I'm saying that Mr. Gassatoo has a 70% chance of moving first on any given action (excepting when the spirit of the commands assumes Blastoise will move second, like on action 1 this round).
  • Self-inflicted damage doesn't count towards the damage cap, so Mr. Gassatoo lost 36% health total this round.
  • Keldeo commands first.
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