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Default Re: [15] Superbird vs surskitty (ref: Mai)

Hmm, not bad. Hey there, Skiddo, let's do this!

Let's start with a Leech Seed. If Tyrunt looks like it's going to use protect to avoid the attack, just go with Bulk Up instead. On the second action, if Tyrunt protected last turn, go for the Leech Seed now; elsewise, try a Worry Seed to weaken its biting moves a bit. If it has a substitute up, use Brick Break on it. For the third action, if Tyrunt protected against Worry Seed on action two, try that again. If there's a Substitute up, use Brick Break. Elsewise, Rock Smash.

Leech Seed/Bulk Up ~ Leech Seed/Worry Seed/Brick Break ~ Worry Seed/Brick Break/Rock Smash
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