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Default Re: The Safari Zone Snack Bar

Originally Posted by LuckyLapras View Post
I did mean a Pokemon and an item. But whilst I'm posting again, I'll have a MooMoo Milk! With Added Calcium! I believe it's $8 unless my short-term memory has activated again
It's four dollars for one, so you want a MooMoo milk to catch a pokemon and one to keep? It is $8 for both. (I'll let you clarify and happily fill your order!)

Originally Posted by Alraune View Post
Well, since I'm apparently a consultant :v If it's okay with you Tangle I don't see why it couldn't be an option. I guess I'd make it a choice between paying to attract a Pokemon or paying to just buy the item by itself; my initial concept for this shop when we were talking about it is that the Pokemon eats your snack and that's why it stays with you, so it wouldn't make sense if you could have both.

While I'm here I guess I'll take some honey and try to catch something with it, my PC is lacking in bugs. wait, isn't that a good thing?
This appears to be a good one. A male CASCOON!
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