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Default Re: Third-Party Party Mafia - Game Thread

Not gonna lie, Kratos, I actually thought you could've been the inventor up until ZM claimed just because of what you said about your role d1, haha.

Three mafia kind of seems like too few, but pretty much everyone besides Kratos and ZM has been mechanically confirmed somehow at this point - I think the only possibilities are like, (1) Flora or JackPK is a godfather or similar mafia role that inspects innocent; (2) ZM is actually scum who did that night action to get late-game town credit; or (3) Gzhoom is a scum neighborizer with a great fake claim.

So I guess we could go for Kratos today, or we could try to get as many win conditions as we can and then try and lynch Kratos? From what they've said, RedneckPhoenix, and I think JackPK if he's been blocking someone different every night since n1, have their win conditions fulfilled already, so it's not like no one will win if the town win condition is fulfilled.
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