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Default Re: Third-Party Party Mafia - Game Thread


Well, I am mighty suspicious of all this... it sounded like Cynder managed to fulfill his win condition by dying yesterday, and we have another no-death night and Kratos basically saying "lynch me bro," and I do worry if the mafia are setting up some gambit to fulfill their win conditions and then just win, although they would appear to be far behind, but idk.

Personally, I choose a player each night, and then if that player is lynched during the following day I get a point. Three points to fulfill my personal win condition. Which I thought was going to be pretty easy because you have a decent amount of lynches in most games, but we've only actually had two and I only guessed Cynder correctly. >>; I have Kratos set as my lynch target for today.

So I wouldn't mind a couple more days to clear out win conditions if other people are down, but that's prooooobably not really a good idea, we shouldn't give the mafia any opportunity to get back in the game if in fact Kratos is the last one and they're basically cornered.

Probably the safest thing is actually for me to shoot Kratos, assuming that wouldn't trigger an alien activation? At which point we could lynch Butterfree, which if she's telling the truth should simply flip her back to innocent and if Kratos is actually the last true mafia end the game there. Would not allow most people who haven't gotten their wincon in to actually achieve it, but I think that would probably best cover all contingencies?
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