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Default Re: Third-Party Party Mafia - Game Thread

Y'all give me way too much credit. I'm just tired of continuing a game where I've obviously been completely shut down, tbh. Even if RP ran out of heals and ZM's bulletproof suits are only one-use or whatever, I'm kinda not interested in going through the amount of time it would take to pick all of you off one by one when you were obviously going to figure out I was mafia today, or within a day at the least! C'mon, just graciously accept your victory and let's move on to the next one, where I can hopefully play the alignment I'm way better at. :p (Or maybe I won't join the immediate next one due to needing to focus on other things for a moment, but at some point in the near future!)

And, I mean... I guess if any of the remaining open wincons are fulfillable quickly, then sure, you could help everyone else win, but just dragging this out while I sit in a corner and do nothing seems kind of cruel otherwise...?

I'm sure this is more than a little disappointing for MF, but I guess he can wring a little more enjoyment over watching you all squirm over whether I'm an alien or not. I feel like I'm being a bad sport for saying this, and I'm sorry for that, but I've kinda checked out at this point.
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