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Default Re: The QUILTBAG Club (formerly the LGBT club)

Originally Posted by pathos View Post
Hum, what part do you want to tell them? That you're male, or pan/bi (which would you wanna say?)?

I... only have experience with one really... and it was super-hard... But I know it's much easier with friends and siblings than parents, ahaha. So I'd suggest telling close friends first and that'll make you feel more confident in general, having people you're close to who know. And you'll get some experience.
Ah, just the latter. (I'm biologically male, so that isn't a problem). And.. Oof, I really don't wanna straight up tell anybody. It's hard. But still, it might go wonderfully. I'll have to think about it more.

Oh, by the way, I read back into the thread a small bit. So many success stories, that's great! Congrats Flora, Byrus, and others!
It's an adorable CANCEL.
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