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Default (sign ups) Divinity High (PG 13)

The gods from four different pantheons (Greek, Egyptian, Norse and Chinese) have arranged to create a safe haven for those mixed divine and mortal heritage (aka Demigods) to learn and interact without judgment from outsiders.

Divinity High is a boarding school of sorts for demigods between the ages of 10 and 19. The most powerful deities are the heads of one of four dorms. Zeus (Greek) Ra (Egyptian) Odin (Norse), and Nu Wa (Chinese).

However, Ragnarok is coming, Apophis will rise, The Titans will break free, and The Mandate of Heaven will be no more. It is up to a group of demigods, selected by the headmasters themselves, to prevent the end of the world as we all know it.

Rules and sign ups coming soon.
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