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Default Re: The QUILTBAG Club (formerly the LGBT club)

Originally Posted by Flora View Post
Oh this is fucking funny. apologies for the hardcore thread necromancy but, look, quiltbag stuff is always relevant

Long story short, for those of you who arenít on the telegram: my (blessedly bi, Iím serious, he concluded that he was bi and destroyed his metaphorical closet a week later) boyfriend left a dress shirt at my house! I tried it on as a gag! Had Gender Thoughts that were originally just Gender Presentation Fuckery and then evolved into genuine gender confusion! Might not be a cis girl after all! Amazing. Good job 2015 flora you were truly ahead of your time, except not because you couldnít (and still canít) word things to save your life. At least I can think about this without getting a headache now.
So update! Iím nonbinary! Iíve been pretty sure of this for like a week but I was constantly like ďbut what if Iím wrongĒ so only actually mentioned it last night to various people, exactly one of whom I know IRL!

I did tell my sister that I was thinking about gender, and she was kinda weird about it (ďwhen I was doing gender thinking I concluded I was more comfortable as I am, but whatever helps your mental health...Ē), so Iím like...a bit hesitant to talk about it to my family now that Iím sure Iím nb, cause I donít know how theyíre gonna react and if itís Weird I might puke, but my bf knows and has been an absolute gift so that helps
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