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Default Re: Trinket Vs. Shy: It's Not Vandalism If It Involves Pokemon

OKAY i shoulda considered the energy cost more huh??? well let's see what we can do here...

okay, let's go for scald, earth power, and scald again. if they protect, dig underground, are otherwise unhittable for any reason, or are trying to use me first, just chill; if they use double team, spread the scalding water around to hit them all until you find the right one (except when using earth power - then just chill instead of using earth power).

if you're taunted, obviously skip the chill options and just attack. >w>

and one last if clause - if they've set up a light screen, jump out of the tree and switch your attacks to bulldoze, aqua tail, and bulldoze, in that order (obviously still chill if any of the above clauses apply).

scald / chill / bulldoze ~ earth power / chill / aqua tail ~ scald / chill / bulldoze
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