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Default Re: Please stop using joke pronouns

I think you just answered yourself here.
It doesn't, because transsexual people don't actually transition between sexes. There is no sex change going on, as that is currently impossible with modern science. Yes, physical characteristics of sex are changed, but not the sex itself. Does this matter for identification purposes? No, because gender exists and should be used for such things.

You can't possibly believe this? Gender roles and language are societal constructs.
If gender is just a societal construct, it is an omnipresent one that defines all interactions with anyone you could ever meet, and thus it doesn't matter practically whether it is or not in daily life.

Now, if it is somehow not real, than that would be blaming transsexual people's parent(s) or guardian(s) for how they raised them instead of it being a physical condition of the brain, which suggests transsexuality is someone's fault and can be avoided somehow, and possibly even changed. This is a horribly destructive belief that harms people, and thus actually does matter. Because we don't actually know, I prefer to assume the belief that harms less people- that is, gender is created by brain structure and not societal interactions.