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Default Re: Please stop using joke pronouns

Originally Posted by Jolty View Post
ok I came in here like 10 mins ago and Meccanica wasn't banned then so I assume she was banned for that post
50 points is a ban.

she has a point though
half (if not more) of the trans community on this forum DO take things way too goddamn seriously
Excuse me for taking a pivotal element of my well-being seriously.

and will freak out over the most retarded of things. for example, the t-shirt fiasco in the "NY legalised gay marriage" thread
Hi, I'm mildly retarded.

jesus christ stop beating everyone to death with political correctness
I get that you're trying to educate people and shit but a lot of you (Alvyren especially) do it IN EVERY SINGLE THREAD and it's beyond irritating
You're irritating. Also please don't misuse "political correctness".

Aaaand forking thread.

EDIT: ... the option seems to have vanished. Is it missing for anyone else, too?
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