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Default Re: Crystal Gym Leader Tournament (DEADLINE JULY 13TH)

If we could keep the impatient posting down to a minimum in general, you guys, that would be great. >>;

Okay. Since there are exactly eight of you, that means that we can just go ahead with a simple three-round single-elimination tournament. I guess this means that all of you are going to get a position by default, but I obviously still need to determine your rankings within the eight and the numbers are still a little awkward for that. As such, I'm going to ask you to post and confirm the number of pokémon each player had remaining after the match ended (so, for example, if one person knocks out all six of their opponent's pokémon and their opponent knocked out only three, they'd post that they won 3-0); the better a losing player does in their match (e.g., 2-0 is better than 5-0 because the loser defeated more pokémon before losing their last), the higher their rank will be in the end.

The matchups for the first round are as follows:

Arylett Dawnsborough vs Vixie
Zora of Termina vs Blackthorne Steele
Full Metal Cookies vs Mewtwo
moon-panther vs SonicNintendo

These will be edited into the first post shortly, along with friend codes and whatever else.

None of the entrants' timezones are too far apart, so hopefully no one should have a huge problem reaching their opponent in time to battle. If there is a huge problem, however, please let me know immediately so I can try to fix it before things progress too far. If you wait too long then I'm probably going to have to disqualify one or both of you anyway. If you've tried to contact your opponent but they have not responded, please be sure to post in this thread and let me know before the deadline so I know it isn't your fault.

Said deadline is July 27th, by the way. I'm going to be generous and give you all two weeks, since one week per round is invariably never enough for anyone around here; it honestly shouldn't take that long, though, and I'd prefer having all matches finished sooner than that. I do not expect to have to hand out any extensions.

Additionally, Blastoise was kind enough to make a ribbon that the winner of the tournament can put... I dunno, wherever. So there's that in addition to the pokémon Zora's offering.

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