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Default Re: Disney's Tangled

Originally Posted by Pwnemon View Post
No I almost wanted to see it ruin it Verne. That's the #1 turn off for me to Disney movies, they have to constantly break out into song for no real reason and then everyone knows the words and just what the heck you could do thirty seconds of dialogue for the same point but /no/ let's waste three minutes playing a tune that will get stuck in your head and repeating lyrics in some unhumanly high soprano AND SOMEHOW EVERYONE KNOWS THE WORDS WHICH IS JUST SO FRICKING CREEPY.

It's either a) just magic inherent to the universe that makes it happen (if Flynn explicitly hates singing, that's probably it), b) an artistic rendering of the characters' imaginations, or c) yeah, they really just had a thirty-second conversation, but you're watching a movie where the conversation is restaged into a song.

Really, it's silly to let it bother you. Do you lie awake at night being creeped out because fictional characters never go to the bathroom? I mean, feel free to dislike songs in Disney movies (honestly, I did too when I was your age), but doing so because it's not realistic?
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