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Default Re: Disney's Tangled

I liked Tangled, it was a good movie, really cute. I would have loved the songs, but unfortunately, the songs were ruined by this girl next to me (two seats next to me) who kept singing--and I stress singing--along with all the freakin' songs in the entire movie. So I was unable to enjoy it as much. I knew I should have moved or told her to be quiet.

But otherwise, I love the visuals and modeling, it was so beautifully done. The film's a must see even if it's just for the visuals.

Okay, two questions: a) Did the animation remind you of DreamWorks in some way? b) Who here thinks the cupid guy was both funny AND creepy at the same time?

Oh, and I swear the bald man with the hook looks like Nappa with a hook.

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