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Default Re: On Brexit and its Consequences

I wrote a huge rant that wasn't so much about what's going to happen now as it was just about how awful the campaigning was and how social media brings out the worst in everyone when it comes to politics.
But then I pressed backspace and lost the entire post.
Basically this.
I was really hopeful when people on Newsnight were talking about how maybe people should cool it. They were saying that how the divisiveness caused by the campaigning might have had a part in Jo Cox's murder. But it's been a week since then and people are still as awful to each other as ever just because they disagree over something.

Anyway I think unless the government calls off leaving the EU, Scottish independence is inevitable. I was rooting for Scotland last time, but this time I just hope I can move there first.
Not sure about Northern Ireland though.
I'm quite disappointed that Wales voted to leave. I was on holiday the week before the referendum in Pembrokeshire, and I remember seeing signs at the beaches and such saying "funded by the EU", and I wasn't even actively looking for them. And they voted leave. Wales is incredibly reliant on EU funding because it's seriously screwed over by Westminster.
That said, I'm also disappointed that Leanne Wood is trying to jump on the independence train. It would be nice, but it's a tense political situation already, don't make it worse! Plaid Cymru can be so embarrassing sometimes.

I've seen people posting theories about how Boris didn't expect to win or how Cameron is playing some kind of chess with him. I don't really want to buy into conspiracy theories but it does feel like we're being toyed about with. I'm also dreading to see who the next Conservative leader will be. Hopefully there'll be a general election called instead so we aren't left with Worse Than Cameron.
Labour are imploding right now as well. Corbyn's likely going soon, no idea who will take over. A Blairite?

The Lib Dems have said they'll put staying in/rejoining the EU in their manifesto. I'm a Lib Dem voter and I voted Remain but I'm a bit torn on this. I mean it's smart of them since 48% is more votes they could ever hope for, but on the other hand being pro-democracy is one of the things drew me to their party in the first place. It seems a bit backwards of them. Of course, there's also the argument that if they get elected because of that then that's just democracy overruling its previous decision.

As for everyday life. I think things will get more expensive. Unemployment will rise, maybe not drastically but it will rise. Wales and Cornwall will fall into the ocean. The fact is that we don't know exactly what's going to happen and that's what's makes it such a risk.

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