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Default Re: On Brexit and its Consequences

Originally Posted by Phantom View Post
From what I understand, voting wise, the older generation basically fucked over the younger.
Aside from that being the case in every election ever, there's also people saying the turnout of younger voters was quite low so it was the younger generation screwing themselves over. There are plenty of other divides, like big cities vs rural areas, Scotland vs England, etc.
So basically it's people playing the blame game. I overheard one person snobbishly declaring it was uneducated people who voted Leave.

Young people definitely should be miffed though. They're going to lose the right to live and work in at least 26 other countries. (Not counting Ireland since we probably have a special deal with them)
There are lots of events you can think of which if they didn't happen the world would be a completely different place, and this is one of them. In 200 years there will be people who are(n't) alive who would(n't) have been if the referendum came out the other way. It's kind of scary.
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