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Default Re: On Brexit and its Consequences

Originally Posted by opaltiger View Post
This isn't true. Youth turnout was far higher than initially reported - a majority of ALL people under 25 voted remain, compared to the 37% of all voters who voted leave.
Yeah, I did come across that as well. I suppose people will hear what they want to hear though.

I don't usually try to get involved in politics. I mean I have an opinion on a lot of things but I rarely actually go deeper than that. But this is something I feel strong enough about that I have been talking about it, a lot more than I usually would.
And yet, I was very almost one of those people who didn't vote because I "knew" that Remain would win anyway. I'm an idiot.

I'll tell you what annoys me, even though nobody asked. I've seen a couple of sites do this:
Originally Posted by
England voted strongly for Brexit, by 53.4% to 46.6%, as did Wales, with Leave getting 52.5% of the vote and Remain 47.5%.

Scotland and Northern Ireland both backed staying in the EU. Scotland backed Remain by 62% to 38%, while 55.8% in Northern Ireland voted Remain and 44.2% Leave.
I wouldn't call 53% "strongly", and it's even worse since Scotland's 62% didn't get an adverb. One site even called 52% an "overwhelming" victory. I personally wouldn't call anything below 70% overwhelming.
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