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Default Re: What Pokémon/Type/Level of Obsession Are You?

about 95% accurate

About 90% accurate

75% Gamer. You have a burning interest in Pokémon gaming.
30% Animé-freak. You have some interest in the Pokémon animé.
90% Pokémon Know-it-all. You are literally a walking Pokédex. o_O ------------------- So true
70% Obsessed. Pokémon is one of the most important elements of your life.
35% Fan Worker. You have some interest in Pokémon fanwork.
60% Pokémon Fan. You have quite a bit of interest in Pokémon.

Wow i think im the only Tyranitar. Yay for uniqueness!
Yes, I change my user title alot.

Mah Alucard sprite
<~~~~~ My first sprite in two years and it acually dosn't look half bad.

Credit to Dutch from for avvie

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