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Default Re: Magikarp: the Gathering

Does this have to do with anything?
(SPOILER) One day the legendary Pokémon arranged a great gathering, but many among them were suspicious of Deoxys and did not wish for him to attend it. Because it was the day of Magikarp and Gyarados in the Reign of Suicune, Suicune had the final word, and he decided that Deoxys should not be invited to the gathering. When he heard of this, Deoxys was angered, and to take his revenge on Suicune and the legendaries, he decided that he would cripple the Pokémon of that day, the Magikarp and Gyarados. They were strong Pokémon drawn to anger and hatred, but Deoxys, using his powers to alter the Magikarp's nature, made them weak and quelled their fighting spirits, in the hopes that they would then be driven to extinction and Suicune would be blamed for nnot protecting them.
EDIT: I don't see anything special in the section you pointed out, OrangeAipom....