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Default Re: What Pokémon/Type/Level of Obsession Are You?

I'm split--

My type seems to change depending on my mood.

As for obsession...
* 85% Gamer. You are an obsessed gamer!
* 15% Animé-freak. You have no interest in the Pokémon animé.
* 75% Pokémon Know-it-all. You have a burning interest in researching Pokémon.
* 75% Obsessed. Pokémon is one of the most important elements of your life.
* 40% Fan Worker. You have some interest in Pokémon fanwork.
* 58% Pokémon Fan. You have quite a bit of interest in Pokémon.

I just noticed that I'm a dark-type Absol and a psychic-type Mewtwo.
That is completely and utterly unexpected.
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