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Default Denryu vs. The Omskivar

Originally Posted by Denryu View Post
2 vs. 2/Single/Set
1 week DQ
49% Damage Cap
Banned Moves: Direct Healing, OHKOs, Chills limited to 3/Pokemon
Arena: The Snow Globe

The trainers and their Pokemon have been shrunk down to size to fit into this tiny representation of a town on the night before Christmas. Though the name of the arena is "The Snow Globe", the only Pokemon able to battle here are water-types, as snow globes are filled with water. In the small globe are four "snow"-crested plastic houses and a church. The Pokemon are of the size that, if the doors of the buildings could be opened, they would fit as if they had been entering the average door in the outside world.

Every other round a random passerby will shake the globe, causing the "snow" to fly around the sphere, coming to rest at the end of the round. While this is in effect, all moves lose 15% accuracy (Not 15% of their accuracy, so a Toxic would go down to 60%, not 62%). As the entire arena is made of water, electric moves will hit both the target and the user. The dome of the globe is also indestructible for the purposes of the battle, though the miniature buildings can be destroyed at will.

Additional Rules: Only Pokemon that can survive underwater for long periods of time may participate.
Denryu's Active Squad (water-types only)

Eileen the Female Wailmer
Ability: Oblivious
More info...

Preveza the Female Horsea
Ability: Sniper
Item: Dragon Scale
More info...

Constantine the Male Prinplup
Ability: Torrent
Item: Lucky Egg
More info

Magni the Female Feebas
Ability: Swift Swim
Item: Prism Scale
More info...

The Omskivar's Active Squad (water-types only)

Yuno the Unknown Staryu
Ability: Illuminate
Item: Water Stone
More info...

Grockle the Male Lotad
Ability: Swift Swim
More info...

Schwarzengerman the Male Remoraid
Ability: Sniper
More info...

Denryu sends out, the The Omskivar does so and orders, then Denryu orders.

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