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Default Re: Denryu vs. The Omskivar

Three brown-haired young men stood atop a gigantic dome. Two were checking their poké balls were the correct ones while the third was busy spraying waterproofing aerosol over his blue-and-white gingham flags. Soon the three had done the same to their clothing and other sundry items, slipped a trio of clear glass domes with white glitter inside onto their heads, and jumped through a hatch. After the sound of their splashes died down and the trainers and referee had oriented themselves, the latter released his tuxedo-clad gyarados and his wartortle, Blaise, and the trainers both piled onto the dapper sea snake. After a quick journey to the bottom of the hemisphere, the three adjusted their weight-belts and settled to the bottom. The two trainers seemed impatient after all the preparations, and so Blastoise waved his flags at Denryu to signal him to start.

After a moment's thought, Denryu grabbed one of his four poké balls and tapped on the circle in the middle. It burst open with an impressive flurry of white light, releasing a rather less impressive mud-brown fish named Magni. The feebas immediately began swimming around, even braving close to the gyarados for a moment to compare her prism scale to the creature's.

The Omskivar, a bit excitedly, attempted to throw his choice's ball; the container followed an arc for about a foot before stopping, floating lazily in the water in front of him. The Omskivar stomped his foot, sending up a whirl of fake snow, before poking at the central circle. White light zagged out of the now-open ball, coalescing to form a five pointed star. With a sound more suited to a B-grade karate movie than to a starfish, Yuno spun in place, ignoring the tornado of not-snow it was sending in all directions through the temperate water of the snowglobe. The effect of the fake snow was made even more interesting by the ruby-red glow that the staryu was giving off from its central gem.

After the trainers gave their commands, Blastoise waved his flags again and the battle commenced.

[Magni] Feebas [Swift Swim] ♀
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: In tip-top shape.
Thoughts: "What kind of river is this supposed to be?"
Stat Changes: Doubled base speed.
Commands: Light Screen ~ Tickle ~ Tackle

[Yuno] Staryu [Illuminate] ♪
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: Glowing healthily.
Thoughts: "Mustn't let it be too dark on Christmas Eve."
Stat Changes: n/a
Commands: Thunderbolt/Minimize/Magic Coat x3

Magni, still darting around, began to swim in a more rectangular pattern than before. Her swishing tail painted the water pale blue until, quite quickly, she had created a large, translucent blue window in the rough shape of a square. Rather proud of this effort, the feebas resumed swimming in quick little circles once more, this time behind a barrier.

Yuno stopped spinning abruptly, then swung around until a specific one of its legs was pointed in the general direction of its opponent. Its bright glow turned banana-yellow for an instant before electricity began arcing out of the tip of its leg. Yuno let out a triumphant striya~– or at least, it tried to. The electricity it had sent coursing towards its opponent had lost all control, spreading in every direction. Some managed to slip through Magni's Light Screen, but more of it attacked its source, making the staryu's glow flash rapidly in pain.

Magni, wearing a fishy grin now, zoomed forward at colossal speed, her wall matching her pace. At the last moment she slowed, using her momentum to twirl about and dust her tail over the staryu's body. Yuno made an odd, beepy noise and spun even faster, false powder whipping about at an aggravated rate. Magni blindly swam away, blinking her eyes to rid herself of the red stains on her corneas. Once this was accomplished, she glanced back to see the staryu that was her opponent, now sagging a bit from the exhaustion of sustained laughter.

Yuno was not eager to repeat her last attack; Thunderbolt had done more damage to it than it had to Denryu's fish, after all. However, Yuno hadn't gotten this far in life by not following its trainer's advice, so there you go. Once more, the staryu pointed a specific leg and fired off what was supposed to be a bolt of lightning, but instead blue-and-yellow static spread out across the arena, shocking all of the pokémon and making the humans' skin tingle. The referee, realizing that this was becoming a pattern, recalled both of his Water-types. The trainers weren't so lucky, however; their fish and star were both electrocuted by the time the action ended.

Beginning to tire of both holding up her shield and being mildly fibrillated, Magni spun in a couple of tight circles before swimming forward again, her fins a blur. This was one of her best attacks, the most well-practiced and well-known in her arsenal. It was a fearsome Tackle attack! She squeezed her eyes shut before the Illuminate blinded her again, and arced downwards into Yuno, smashing her hard skull into the sea-star's gem. As Magni sightlessly floundered away, Yuno smashed in the hard plastic bottom of the snowglobe, cushioned slightly by the powdery ground cover.

Once more, lightning coursed out across the field, spreading little bubbles everywhere. Magni twitched, Yuno flinched, and Blastoise signaled the end of the first round.

[Magni] Feebas [Swift Swim] ♀
Health: 91%
Energy: 91%
Status: Heart is racing. Lightscreen [two more actions]
Thoughts: "No, dear, that's my job, hahaha!"
Stat Changes: Doubled base speed.
Performed: Light Screen ~ Tickle ~ Tackle

[Yuno] Staryu [Illuminate] ♪
Health: 76%
Energy: 84%
Status: Flashing irritatedly.
Thoughts: "Son of a basculin this hurts."
Stat Changes: -1 atk, -1 def
Performed: Thunderbolt ~ Thunderbolt ~ Thunderbolt

Arena Status
The water is temperate and a bit warmer around Yuno at the moment. Little flurries of fake snow are swirled up around Yuno, and everything's a bright red color around her.

Next Round
Denryu attacks, then The Omskivar.

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