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Default Re: Denryu vs. The Omskivar

[Magni] Feebas [Swift Swim] ♀
Health: 91%
Energy: 91%
Status: Heart is racing. Lightscreen [two more actions]
Thoughts: "No, dear, that's my job, hahaha!"
Stat Changes: Doubled base speed.
Commands: Dragon Pulse/Double Team (8) x3

[Yuno] Staryu [Illuminate] ♪
Health: 76%
Energy: 84%
Status: Flashing irritatedly.
Thoughts: "Son of a basculin this hurts."
Stat Changes: -1 atk, -1 def
Commands: Light Screen~Go into Church/Psychic @ door and go into church~Swift

Still thrilled at her speed and current advantage, Magni swum up a bit in the tepid water, little white plastic flakes fluttering beneath her. Her scales, which on her species were a bit more pronounced than on many fish pokémon, rippled rapidly as the feebas began to pulse rapidly with green-blue energy. Her mouth snapped open, dull rectangular teeth somehow more menacing than usual, and from the back of her throat spilled forth a spiraling column of turquoise light; water suddenly boiled for a split second, plastic bits of snow flipping through the water frantically, and the Dragon Pulse passed through Magni's screen and found its mark, sending Yuno spinning through the water. As the staryu righted itself once more, it soon became obvious that the attack had charred the sea-star a bit.

Yuno, glad to have some sensical orders now, began to quickly rotate one way, then the other. It soon added some other dimensions to the movement, until Yuno resembled a brownish gyroscope. After a dozen seconds that felt much longer due to the spectacle, a red glassy bubble formed around the star, much like the one they were all currently battling in. Some snow had even been caught up in the whirling, but sadly the effect was ruined by one small detail; the snow, being physical in nature, passed through the Light Screen as if it were, well, a screen of light.

Magni scowled at the globe encircling her opponent. That was her trick; she'd expect such tactics from a meowth, but a fellow fish? Sure, Yuno was technically a sea-star and not a fish at all, but gills had to count for something, right?!? And now, it seemed, the little copycat had the gall, the temerity to run away? Not on this fish's watch it didn't! Quite indignant now, the feebas dropped her jaw open again, and churning green-blue light pulsed outwards and towards the rapidly-retreating staryu it was aimed at. The attack halted for the splittiest of seconds at Yuno's Light Screen, seeming to diffuse itself a bit, but then lanced forth through the barrier and into Yuno itself, leaving a raw-looking patch of dermis in its wake.

Finally, and with great care taken for its damaged limbs, Yuno arrived at the church. She quickly rapped her rotating legs against the door, but nothing gave. It was locked, no, melted shut! These weren't real doors at all! The window, as well, was made of some colorful, clear plastic material that was probably more difficult to shatter than it looked... Worth a try, though! The staryu's rather powerful mind stretched itself over the double doors, looking for some kind of seam. After a bit of questing, the psychic star found the parts that had been glued onto the rest of the model; the doorframe sparkled pink for a moment before both doors, along with the frame around them and a bit of the faux-stonemasonry, separated with a loud crack. Not very subtle, mind, but it had been told to open the door.

Denryu and Blastoise began swimming their way over to the church, and so did Magni after she took a moment to mourn the loss of her blue wall. She wouldn't be beaten by humans, of course, not in a contest of swimming. The dears were so slow, even with their little motory things that sped them along, that Magni soon caught up with and surpassed them. By the time she reached the church, however, it seemed that Yuko had prepared itself for its next attack, putting them on equal footing. As Blastoise and Denryu assumed their places and The Omskivar glared at the gaping hole in the church, both pokémon attacked at nearly the same time. Yuko, floating gem-up directly inside the church's new entrance, began spitting blood-red stars from its legs and central ruby; many of them missed the mark and embedded themselves in this or that wall, but enough still managed to dig themselves into Magni's face. And one even got flung into her gaping mouth, but it was sadly obliterated by another Dragon Pulse; it seemed that Magni felt a glowing starfish standing in a giant hole was a relatively simple target. The attack, after a sparkly Light Screen detour, struck Yuko directly in its center, leaving no scratches but apparently still causing damage, if anticlimactically. The second round draws to a close as the Swift-stars dissolve away.

[Magni] Feebas [Swift Swim] ♀
Health: 86%
Energy: 75%
Status: Several minor cuts on her forehead.
Thoughts: "Denryu, why is that referee telling me to say 'I'm a firin my lazor!'? Is it some kind of battle cry?"
Stat Changes: Doubled base speed.
Performed: Dragon Pulse ~ Dragon Pulse ~ Dragon Pulse

[Yuno] Staryu [Illuminate] ♪
Health: 60%
Energy: 76%
Status: Scoured all over by dragon energy. Lightscreen [two more actions]
Thoughts: "What do you mean this isn't what you meant by 'open the door'?
Stat Changes: -1 atk, -1 def
Performed: Light Screen ~ Psychic ~ Swift


1. The Omskivar, your commands seemed to rely pretty heavily on the idea that Yuko can outspeed a feebas, which it can't even if Swift Swim wasn't a factor.
2. Yuko would have just popped out the window instead, but her commands said Psychic the door. Besides, if that had happened then Swift wouldn't have worked as well.
3. Speaking of, Swift had reduced accuracy do to not being fired in all directions and being blocked partially by a door-hole. Luckily, Magni was right there in front of the hole.
4. Yuno and Mani attacked at the same time on the last action because Magni, speedy as she is, still had to swim all that way to get in range to attack.
5. Dragon Pulse was used in lieu of Double Team on the last action because it's hard not to find a glowing red pentagram pokémon.

Arena Status

The water is temperate. Everything's a bright red color around Yuno, including the church that it's punched a hole in. The fake doors lay on the ground, half-covered by white plastic.

Next Round

The Omskivar attacks, then Denryu.

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