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[Yay, activity stuffs!]

"I guess we don't have much choice but to... Well, give it a try."

Alyx watched as Samantha concentrated, then breathed out, and a blue-white mist, or maybe beam, burst forth taking out much of the flames, leaving mostly embers. That worked, she thought. It made her think of what she could do. Her tail twitched a bit as she thought. Houndoom was a dark type first, she remembered, but was also a fire type. Thing was, what use was a dark type in this situation? She couldn't take out fires, or anything like that. She could make fire, but that wasn't a thought she wanted to invite. If she remembered right, Houndoom fire was a very bad thing, it was cursed flame, or something like that. Something about the burns being very painful and not healing. It could be that it wasn't the case with her. She wasn't completely a Houndoom after all. She wasn't willing to test that theory. She didn't even know how to use these dark type stuff, it seemed that Samantha had used that ice attack easily. Fire might be that easy... or maybe not so much for her because it was a dual type thing. "That worked," she said, breaking off from her train of thought.

Instead she paced a bit on her digitgrade legs and watched as Lester tied himself to Jayy with a rope. Hopefully that will get her away from the fence. Alyx gazed at Jayy's hands, still unbandaged. She should have guessed that Jayy wouldn't be able to do it herself. And both the Scizor and Kingler morphs didn't quite have the hands required for such a task. "Uh, I can help you with those bandages, if you want," she offered. "If you can't do it yourself."
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