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Default Zexion vs Grass King

Originally Posted by Zexion View Post
Hopefully this won't be too confusing.

Format: 1v1v1 Single
Style: Set
DQ: 1 week
Damage Cap: 30%
Banned/Restricted Moves: OHKOs, Rest, Chills
Arena Description: A Butterfly House!

Butterflies... butterflies everywhere! From Butterfree to Vivillon to Beautifly. But, we can't leave the moths out, so some Mothim, Dustox, and Venomoth flutter about too, mingling with the butterflies. There is a constant 5% chance that a Pokemon will attack one of the wild Pokemon instead of their opponent. Should this happen, the attacked Pokemon will use a powder move (each move will have its base accuracy and percentage):

Venomoth: Poison Powder
Butterfree: Sleep Powder
Beautifly: Stun Spore
Dustox: Poison Powder
Mothim: Poison Powder
Vivillon: Rage Powder

Profile link: Here
Additional Rules: Only Beautifly, Vivillon, Dustox, Mothim, Venomoth, or Butterfree can be used.
Zexion vs Grass King

Zexion's active squad

cyndaquil Flame the male Cyndaquil <Blaze> @ Fire Stone
shinx Sparky the female Shinx <Intimidate>
nincada Ninja the male Nincada <Compound Eyes>
swinub Piggly the male Swinub <Snow Cloak>
aron Iron the female Aron <Rock Head>
slowpoke King the male Slowpoke <Oblivious> @ King's Rock
rufflet America the male Rufflet <Sheer Force>
chespin Chippy the male Chespin <Bulletproof>

vivillon-monsoon Krewella the female Vivillon (Monsoon Pattern) <Compound Eyes>
cherubi Cerise the female Cherubi <Chlorophyll> @ Leaf Stone

Grass King's active squad

togepi Aglaia the female Togepi <Serene Grace> @ Shiny Stone
seedot Acorn the male Seedot <Early Bird> @ Leaf Stone
meditite Lotus the male Meditite <Pure Power> @ Wise Glasses
geodude Igneous the male Geodude <Rock Head> @ Lucky Egg
tyrogue Chuck Norris the male Tyrogue <Guts> @ Electirizer
trapinch Sandy the female Trapinch <Hyper Cutter> @ Metal Coat
vulpix Kitsune the female Vulpix <Flash Fire> @ Fire Stone
sneasel Tournament Defeat the male Sneasel <Keen Eye> @ Razor Claw
kecleon Espionage the female Kecleon <Color Change>

butterfree Monarch the female Butterfree <Compound Eyes> @ Leftovers

Grass King sends out one of the very many options. Personally, I'm hoping for the togepi.
Zexion sends out a flying slowpoke or something and commands. Or Zexion can send out first. Either way, Zexion commands first.
Grass King commands.
I ref, probably!
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