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Default Re: [15] Dazel vs Lord of the Fireflies (ref: Superbird)

Oh my god I completely forgot that Hyper Beam is hit / recharge and not charge / hit. This is very good news (everyone!) for us, as we'll be able to send a decisive Hyper Beam before anything else happens. Make it one-action anyway (except if it takes more time and Couch would be able to hit you with something before).

So, Hyperbeam, and aim it as true as you can. If you face a Protect, try some Working Up.

Second action and third action, Hyperbeam if you didn't already. Hyper Voice if she's still standing after the first Hyperbeam. Work Up if she Protects.

Hyperbeam / Work Up ~ Hyperbeam / Work Up / Hyper Voice x2

I'm pretty hyped for this round
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