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Default (SPOILERS) CoroCoro reveals new Pokemon: Magiana

News on Serebii // News on Bulbanews

So what do y'all think of this development?

It was really shocking to me at first, but in retrospect, I should've expected us to start getting new Pokemon for the next movie. I was really hoping for a Z version, but the odds seem vastly more likely now that Magiana is a Gen 7 Pokemon being featured in advance (like the Latis, Lucario, Manaphy, Zoroark and Mega Mewtwo Y) rather than a new Pokemon somehow being added to Gen 6 for a new Z dex. And, in retrospect, the new Zygarde arc in the anime kind of smacks of the same thing they did with Meloetta, throwing it into the main anime series so they wouldn't have to feature it in a movie.

It's still really bizarre, though, that Zygarde will most likely get its new formes in a new generation instead of as a cover mascot.

The other possibility, which I think is pretty unlikely but I'm hyped for in case it happens, is that maybe they are doing a Z version, but they're premiering a new second set of Generation 6 Pokemon in it that they'll patch retroactively into XYORAS. I really doubt that'll happen, but people were speculating it way back when XY came out and we found out we only had 72 new Pokemon, so I don't even know what to think »\_(ツ)_/»

As for Magiana itself, what do y'all think?

It has a bit of an overtly Klink-ish vibe for me, but idk, I'm willing to suspend disbelief and allow it time to look less weird for me, just as most new Pokemon take time to do now that I'm grown up.

I wouldn't be surprised if it gets a Mega like Diancie or another forme like Meloetta. What with CoroCoro saying it has "a secret hidden inside its body," I'm guessing its dress is gonna retract/expand/open to reveal a power core or something. Heck, while I'm bullshitting here, maybe they could even further cheapen the Mega concept by making Magiana have its Mega Stone inherently inside its body and therefore be able to Mega Evolve without a held item, like Rayquaza.

It looks pretty clearly Steel-type for me, and I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that the name Magiana hints at a secondary Psychic or Fairy type. EDIT: Apparently it's a hard G, so I'm guessing its name is more a pun on ma-gear-na than magi-ana.
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