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Default Re: (SPOILERS) CoroCoro reveals new Pokemon: Magiana

One of the things I loved about Black/White was that little scene in Chargestone Cave where Juniper is like "I swear Klink didn't exist yesterday wtf" so the fact that this is man-made and looks mechanical but was made centuries ago is going to lead to some really interesting lore. I mean Magnemite probably didn't exist before horseshoe magnets were invented, so I look forward to anything this Pokémon might add to the mystery of Pokémon that look like real things but aren't.
I doubt anything it introduces would explain Vanillish though.

I sometimes think the long-lost civilisation thing is a bit overdone (how many of them are there in the Zelda universe alone?) but it might be fitting in Pokémon. After all, someone built the Ruins of Alph and Spear Pillar and sealed the Regis away.
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