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Default Re: (SPOILERS) CoroCoro reveals new Pokemon: Magiana

So i guess this is canon already. It looks like it's going to be in Z, and will be retroactively patched elsewhere. (I also think this pretty much confirms Z.) It seems sort of... strange that they'd do something like this, given that they could've done the same with diancie, volcanion, et al. to avoid leaks, but didn't. It does make me think that perhaps this was an idea that wasn't set fully into motion until quite a bit after release, because it's... been some time now since X and Y were published, to say the least.

I also wonder why pokémon sent word about it out so fast? It seems odd that they confirmed its existence, lore, and future appearance basically immediately after the CoroCoro leak. Do they respond to the leak of spoilers? If it hadn't leaked, would they have kept it hush until the release of the movie?
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