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Default Re: Pokkén Tournament

If I had a Wii U I'd probably get it, but I don't so I won't. It looks like it's great fun though, if there was an arcade somewhere near me where you could play it locally I'd probably go to that. There are some Wii U games I'd get later if the NX is backwards compatible, but not multiplayer games since there's a chance their servers will get shut down like the Wii and DS ones were. So the same for this and Splatoon, really.

But even though I haven't and probably won't play it, here's some things I've thought about it:

I do wonder why they chose the roster that they did. I know for the most part they're ones that are popular in Japan, but what's with Pikachu Libre? Is Chandelure that popular - I wouldn't be surprised if it is since it's a pretty cool Pokémon, but I've not really seen huge amounts of attention given to it before.

I'm not sure who I'd play as. I haven't played fighting games pretty much at all before so I can't tell from just looking who I'd want to play as. I kind of want to give Suicune a try, but I think I'd probably prefer a faster character.
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