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Default Re: Pokkén Tournament

It's a combination of Pokémon and Tekken, one of the big fighting game franchises. IIRC it was at least partially developed by the same people. Storywise it's entirely a Pokémon game, but mechanically it's supposed to be a crossover/very similar to a Tekken game.

It's pretty fun, yeah! I'm also absolutely awful at really technical fighting games with all this combo emphasis (like, the only thing I know about playing actual Tekken, or at least whichever version was in the pizza place arcade back in the day, is that as long as your opponent is also incompetent you can generally win by picking Eddy and mashing buttons), but I figured I might try and learn a bit with this one. I've only played a few times so far due to being busy, but I'm rather enjoying blaziken, garchomp and braixen, and sceptile was pretty fun as well once I figured out how its attacks actually worked.

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PS.: Also, before I pass up a perfectly convenient oportunity to drop the bomb, I've been getting plenty of ideas for a Pokkén Mafia setup. Something like that might just spontaneously crop up on the forums soon...
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