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Default Re: Friend Safari 2.0

No, you're still in the grass area. But I hadn't thought of transitioning areas like that; I might pull that out later.

Moving last the Sewaddle and marveling at its bravery, you march on to see where this path leads. All of a sudden, a female SkiddoSkiddo trots in front of you across the path.

What do you do?

Safari Balls remaining:8
Caught Pokemon:Lombre (Female), Venusaur (Male)
Obtained Items:None
Partner Pokemon:Cyndaquil

Waiting until the Spritzee came to rest on a nearby tree, you lob your Safari Ball upwards towards it, catching it upon contact. With a small smile on your face, you continue straight towards the castle. Just then, you hear a male TogeticTogetic fly over your head. You look up, and sure enough, there it is.

What do you do?

Safari Balls remaining:8
Caught Pokemon:Cleffa (Male), Spritzee (Male)
Obtained Items:None
Partner Pokemon:Blastoise
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