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Default Re: Friend Safari 2.0

Passing by the Sudowoodo, you start up the footpath toward the mountain when a male GeodudeGeodude comes rolling down the mountain straight at you!!!

What do you do?

Safari Balls remaining:8
Caught Pokemon:Lombre (Female), Venusaur (Male)
Obtained Items:None
Partner Pokemon:Cyndaquil

In that case, you've come to the right area.

You're about to toss the ball at the Clefairy, when an idea strikes you. You decide to kneel down and hold out the ball like you did with the Cleffa. The Clefairy grins, and taps the button, and is now caught. You notice your new Clefairy and your Cleffa are hitting it off, but you don't have time to ponder, so you go in. Inside there is a hall leading to the left, a hall leading to the right, and a staircase straight ahead. And on your right hand side, you notice a bouquet of flowers on a table. However, one of these flowers on closer examination has a white flower FlabebeFlabebe-white on it!

What do you do? Do you go left, right, or straight?
(I didn't bother putting the gender of the Flabebe; they're always female.)

Safari Balls remaining:6
Caught Pokemon:Cleffa (Male), Spritzee (Male), Togetic (male), Clefairy (Female)
Obtained Items:None
Partner Pokemon:Blastoise
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