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Default Re: Friend Safari 2.0

Pulling off a Mario-style jump, you hop over the Geodude, which continues to roll down the mountain. A bit rattled by that event, you continue on warily. On your way further up the mountain, you spot a female LileepLileep tucked away underneath the shade of a rock.

What do you do?

Safari Balls remaining:8
Caught Pokemon:Lombre (Female), Venusaur (Male)
Obtained Items:None
Partner Pokemon:Cyndaquil

Deciding to go to the right, you come upon a hallway with various rooms. Going into the first one you see, you notice it appears to be a kitchen of sorts. And inside that kitchen is a female JigglypuffJigglypuff, munching on some Poke chow from out of the cupboard.

What do you do?

Safari Balls remaining:6
Caught Pokemon:Cleffa (Male), Spritzee (Male), Togetic (male), Clefairy (Female)
Obtained Items:None
Partner Pokemon:Blastoise
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