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Default Re: Friend Safari 2.0

Continuing upwards, you find the end of the ledge, and climb up. You find you're on a small footpath encircling the mountain. To your side, you hear a grunt, and turn your head. A male CranidosCranidos is glaring at you. You lock eyes.

What do you do? Do you follow the footpath, or keep climbing?

Safari Balls remaining:7
Caught Pokemon:Lombre (Female), Venusaur (Male), Lileep (Female)
Obtained Items:None
Partner Pokemon:Cyndaquil

Tapping the button of your ball to the Swirlix, you manage to catch it. Continuing on, you go to the room across the hall. Inside, you notice that it appears to be a library. And inside is a male SpritzeeSpritzee, with a picture book open and the Spritzee reading it.

What do you do?

Safari Balls remaining:4
Caught Pokemon:Cleffa (Male), Spritzee (Male), Togetic (male), Clefairy (Female), Jigglypuff (Female), Swirlix (Male)
Obtained Items:None
Partner Pokemon:Blastoise
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