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Default Re: Mega Evolution

I may be misreading, but technically doesn't this mean that the quest opponents aren't allowed to mega evolve unless both challengers have a Pokémon capable of mega evolving in their active squad?
Quest opponents are already allowed to do things that normal players/pokémon aren't allowed to do in battle (like... be legendary pokémon), so no, I wouldn't apply that restriction to them anyway. But, it's true, it would probably make more sense to change that restriction so it applies to normal trainer battles rather than tournaments and the like.

Is 3 happiness high enough? If you've got enough experience to even have a Charizard, say, you're probably already going to have that easily. I guess it's be different for an Absol, though, who wouldn't need any experience technically. Should the happiness be based on how much the Pokemon would likely have at that point? Or is it okay to like suddenly not only have a Charizard, but a Charizard capable of mega evolving? I guess that's how it works in the games?
The restriction is intended to make it so you can't just buy an aerodactyl/absol/whatever and slap a mega stone on it if you happen to have one. The idea is that you should only be able to mega evolve a mon you've actually worked with and used in battle just a little bit. So it's fine for a charizard to evolve and then immediately be able to go mega; presumably you've been battling with it to evolve it, so you've put the work in.

There's a loophole there where someone could trade you a charizard or something and, because happiness doesn't reset on trade like it does in the game, you'd be able to mega evolve it immediately. I don't think this is too large a concern, though.

Also, I've been thinking about the actual boosts mega evolution would grant. Right now I'm thinking maybe a net +5 distributed across all stats (some megas have a stat decrease, so they can get +6 total in other stats). Based on that system, this is a preview of what the "A" mega evo pokémon's boosts would look like:

Mega Abomasnow: +2 Attack, +1 Defense, +2 Special Attack, +1 Special Defense, -1 Speed
Mega Absol: +1 Attack, +2 Special Attack, +2 Speed
Mega Aerodactyl: +1 Attack, +1 Defense, +1 Special Attack, +1 Special Defense, +1 Speed
Mega Aggron: +2 Attack, +2 Defense, +1 Special Defense
Mega Alakazam: +1 Defense, +2 Special Attack, +1 Special Defense, +1 Speed
Mega Altaria: +2 Attack, +1 Defense, +2 Special Attack
Mega Ampharos: +1 Attack, +1 Defense, +3 Special Attack, +1 Special Defense, -1 Speed
Mega Audino: +2 Defense, +1 Special Attack, +2 Special Defense
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